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Fluffy Handmade Recycled Brush

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Made from handmade recycled wood, this brush is 100% eco-friendly and cruelty free. It features densely packed, super soft bristles that will last a long time. It works superbly with both mineral-based and oil-based makeup products and is a perfect choice for college students, beauties on-the-go, and performers who need to look their best instantly.

The handmade makeup brush is designed with modern-day needs in mind to deliver the optimum performance. It has a long handle that makes it easier for you to evenly apply your favorite makeup products with the greatest accuracy. You can use it as a blush brush, powder brush, or a flat foundation brush, depending on your preferences. It features an elegant handmade butterfly design that is sure to turn heads.

It is dense and shaped well and feels soft and silky to the skin. Since it is made from natural wood material, it will not cause any skin allergy problems. What sets this eco-friendly recycled wood makeup brush apart from the rest is that it is soft yet firm to apply makeup products. Its super soft bristles won’t fall out during the make application process. Order now before it becomes out of stock.