Set of 4 face give a flawless finish to any face. Set includes both powder and liquid product brushes. All handmade from locally reclaimed Wisconsin wood so you can feel as good as you will look with your new brushes! 

Our unique designs from Mexican balero to honey dipper are sure to meet your unique style and aesthetic. 

Sets include:

Stippling brush- Fine tapered bristles are great for buildable coverage or blending out product. Perfect for blending liquid or powder products. 

Flat top brush- Dense soft bristles give a flawless high coverage finish. Perfect for both liquid and powder foundation

Powder blush- Dense long bristles are excellent for picking up powder and dispersing for a flawless finish. Perfect for setting powders.

Tapered brush- Short tapered dense bristles are perfect for placing blush or concentrated colors on the face. Best for powder products. 

Note: All brushes are handmade: shape and color may slightly vary from the photo.
*All bristles are 100% vegan and cruelty free*

12 products

12 products